3 Man Cave TV Shows Worth Watching

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When we finally get a personal sanctuary, it’s tempting to keep it all to ourselves. Though many share them with the world via the internet, there are thousands which remain practically invisible.

Luckily for us man cave enthusiasts, a few tv shows have popped up to not only see the best of the best, but also how they go from idea to reality.

Here are three man cave shows which are a must-watch whether you already have a den to call your own or you need that little jolt of inspiration to get started.

Man Caves (DIY Network)

Well, the title says it all.

Brought to you by the DIY Network, Man Caves follows Jason Cameron (professional contractor) and Tony Siragusa (former NFL defensive tackle) as they travel around America creating ultimate man caves – one at a time.

Not only is this program incredibly entertaining, it includes mini DIY tutorials throughout which anyone can do. In doing so, it covers both ends of the spectrum: the behemoth of dens which only a select few can afford, to the projects you can do in a day (without breaking the bank).

As of writing this they are up to their 14th season (clocking in at over 180 episodes) – a true testament to the quality of the show and the audience’s reception.

Some of our favorite episodes:

  • The NASCAR Cave (Season 7 – Episode 9)
    • Highlight: Seeing how they took the essence of the track and put it indoors
  • For Jeff Ross (Season 13 – Episode 1)
    • Highlight: The bronze-style statue of the man himself in his birthday suit (more here)
  • For Snoop Dogg (Season 2 – Episode 3)
    • Highlight: Seeing Snoop’s face light up when the final product was unmasked
  • The NFL Mancave (Season 13 – Episode 10)
    • Highlight: Seeing the transformation from a small, unused room to green, mean, NFL gaming machine/hub

When asked if there is “a man-cave challenge out there you’re still arching to get your hands on?" during an interview with the LA Times, Jason responded with: “I would love to do an actual cave .. and an ice shanty". Knowing the duo’s skills and ambition, I wouldn’t put it past them.

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Epic Mancave Builds (Discovery)

Next up is the Discovery channel’s baby – Epic Mancave Builds.

It follows Brandon Ruff and his team of friends as they tear down old and unused rooms and painstakingly build them back up based on each owner’s vision.

A lot of the entertainment comes from clashes in egos, with half a dozen opinions for seemingly every decision. However, the chaos works out in the end.

It started in June of 2015, but only has come out with 3 episodes:

  1. The Lakehouse. Comes out strong with a poker-themed basement situated next to a lake in Michigan
  2. The Moonshiner’s Mancave. Booze-fueled build which taps into the rustic style synonyms with old America (including some badass hand-crafted barrel stools)
  3. The Bunker. Military-themed room created for one of our veterans We really hope more episodes are in the making. They took a different approach to the man cave show above, but from what we’ve seen, it could turn into a similar success.

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Treehouse Masters (Animal Planet)

Though not a show dedicated towards building man caves, Treehouse Masters (on Animal Planet) has created some incredible ones during their six seasons on air - premiering on May 31st 2013.

Peter Nelson, the passionate creator and visionary, hosts the show with his team of builders, creating some incredible structures. They excel at taking their clientele's theme and making it one with the tree (cliche but true).

Expect to see fully-fledged offices, vine swings, secret entrances, and the ultimate playground for the family. Not just the final product is shown, everything in between is too. See the sourcing of material; see the blood sweat and tears. That’s what I love about this man cave tv show: it stays real and raw.

As you’d expect, custom-built treehouses don’t come cheap. Most are well over $100k so although you might not be able to replicate everything, there are gold nuggets of ideas in every episode.

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