Man Cave Ideas & Inspiration

Deciding what theme your den should be is hard. What if you change your mind halfway through? What if you run out of money before finishing? This is a collection of ideas for your man cave which cater to budgets of all sizes and helps to solidify your vision.

Avoid common mistakes first-time builders fall into and have as much fun creating your dream space as you will with the end result.

Find what you like and start!



Commercial places have the advantage of buying in bulk. We, on the other hand, do not. Find out how to transform your den into an awesome bar without breaking the bank. Includes: portable units, stools, kegs, glassware, dartboards, and more. Go to page


The great thing about rustic design is that it utilizes reclaimed material (i.e. inexpensive). Create your own pieces from scrap metal & wooden crates or buy from one of the hundreds of specialist manufacturers. Includes tables, armchairs, tin signs, and accessories. Go to page


With the rise of entrepreneurship and opting to work from home, workspaces are the next frontier of man caves. Ditch the boring, remove the clutter, and make it a place of creativity & productivity. Includes desks, ergonomic chairs, electronics, and more. Go to page


Definitions vary from one person to the next, but there are few commonalities, including less is more; latest technology; industrial-inspired design, and minimalism. This theme is a bit more pricey, but pulling it off is completely worth the effort. Go to page


Automation isn’t just for large-scale enterprises and factory lines. People from all over the world are automating their homes in awesome and ingenious ways. Level up your den with these must-have smart devices. Go to page


Show off your achievements with a hunting themed man cave. Be it deer, elk, moose, boars, or random finds and incredible sceneries. Go to page

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