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There’s something awesome about an empty room. Past the ability to have your words echo, a blank slate means every detail is up to you. You can get lazy and throw a bunch of items in there, or you can match your vision with your options and create the ultimate man cave.

Furniture is a prime example. Not only does it have to do its job well, it should fit the room and be ready for years of use. The sheer amount of duds out there means that even if you have good intent, there’s a possibility that your money was flushed down the toilet. After all, sending back a table half the size of a car is not fun.

The purpose of this page is to cut out that possibility – showing you man cave furniture that:

Below you will find the categories we cover. Click on them to be sent to the full selection which is bound to have what you’re looking for.

Seating: It’s quite fitting that this is where we start. Once the skeleton of our man cave comes to life, there’s no better way to relish your achievement than to collapse on your couch and crack open a beer.


Here you will find a chair to fit any type of man cave and all budgets. From the single recliners that don’t skimp on material, to a set of chairs for the ultimate poker setup.

Full Selection of Man Cave Chairs


Full Selection of Man Cave Recliners


For when chairs just aren’t enough. Probably the biggest advantage the humble couch provides over chairs is the ability to lay down and sleep in luxury. In fact, it originated from the French word couche - meaning to “lie down”.

Although they are expected to last a long time, buying a dud (of which there are plenty) will have you throwing the seats at the wall when it starts to fall apart after two months. To make sure you get the best one possible for your cave, we have an evergrowing list of couches made from the best quality leather, fabric and other material.

Full Selection of Man Cave Couches

More in Seating

The type you’re looking for isn’t above? Check out our somewhat miscellaneous section which contains countless other picks which range from stools for your bar; bean bags because, well, they are awesome; and hammocks to utilize space more efficiently. Mostly the things which you can’t get away with putting in any other room of your house.



This simple piece of furniture takes a man cave from being cold and empty to a space worthy of the title. We have a huge respect for those of you who would rather take the diy route, but for the rest of us, that would probably result in having it collapse from one beer.

Since each one of you will have different dimensions to work with, our selection comes in all shapes and sizes.

TV stand Aside from filtering your options by price and size, individual circumstances need to be tossed into the equation. A console setup is much different than, say, a minimalistic setup; and an antique stand looks pretty crap if your whole cave is modern. This section covers all the bases to help you pick the best TV stand based on your needs.

Featured item: Dark Taupe Click here for the entire selection

More tables [target ‘man cave table’] [include poker, etc] With the main table types out of the way, we can let loose and share with you our picks for the rest. Tables for poker, board games, offices and work areas - you will find it all. Even standing desks which we’re told is good for you or something. We’ll take their word on that! Featured item: Foldable Poker Table Click here for the entire selection

Coffee table

There are dozens of table types out there, but to be honest, a lot are basically coffee tables in disguise so they can suck those extra few dollars. Our team has weeded out all the imposters so you’re left with the best on the market. Note: If you have an idea of the material you want, skip to the full page below.

Featured items: Rotating coffee table Glasstop

Click here for the entire selection

Other Items

So that covers 95% of what is often requested. This section covers the remaining 5% made up of man cave furniture which is, in most cases, niche. And that’s actually a good thing. Less people looking for items that you want/have means your space is likely one of a kind.

Categories here include: Bookcases Cabinets Safes Beds Click here for the entire selection Note: this section is always growing.