We receive dozens of messages every day; some thanking us for giving them that light bulb moment (glad we could help!), others showing us their own ultimate den (keep them coming!), and some which can only be described as constructive criticism (thanks!).

This page acts as both an introduction and an opportunity to answer a few recurring questions.

So, first of all:

Who are we?

Man Cave Insider is your one-stop shop and resource hub for everything related to man caves, maintained by a growing team of unlikely mates.

Unlikely because of our diverse backgrounds, ages, interests, professions, and locations. And therein lies the awesomeness of this passion we share: no matter our differences, personal sanctuaries are universal.

On top of kitting out our own spaces, we are committed to bringing you ideas, trends, product recommendations, DIY guides, and where to score a bargain. Unlike those “luxury" sites out there which feature ridiculously expensive items, we cater to all budgets.

That begs the question:

What is a man cave?

Simply put, it is a place that men can call their own and have complete control over. A room in a house being the most common place they are found, but they extend to garages, living rooms, barns, attics, and even entire apartments (i.e. bachelor pads).

It is a place which embodies one’s personality and allows them to unwind and enjoy some much deserved free time.

It is a place to share with friends, whether that be for Friday night drinks or a football game marathon.

It is a lifestyle built around ownership and expression.

Synonyms: den, sanctuary, mantuary, pad, bachelor pad, male haven, dude retreat, bunker

What goes in one?

Anything and everything you want (within reason, of course).

Yes, there are the classic items people tend to gravitate towards such as a recliner, beer fridge, neon sign, surround sound system, etc., but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Things that hold sentimental value are the key to differentiation and gives any room a dose authenticity. Have a hand-me-down watch that is too precious to wear? Give it a dust and showcase it on a shelf. Kid comes home with a psychedelic piece of art? Hang it up and appreciate raw creativity.

Your interests and hobbies play an important role, too. After all, what’s the point in building a personal playground if you don’t play?

Look at 100 bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms - they are pretty much the same. Look at 100 mancaves realize that each one is vastly different to the next

Sounds expensive..

As mentioned above, we cater to budgets of all sizes. Not everyone wants (or needs) a 6-seater couch upholstered in the finest leather. You can get quality and style for one-tenth of the price delivered to your doorstep.

Trust us, there are options regardless of how much your wish list costs.

Have the raw materials? Save even more by following one of our DIY guides

What about women?

A common criticism we get is that we cater to only men. Though true, it is not about ignoring the other gender. It is about creating a space where us guys can relax, work, cultivate creativity, and enjoy.

She sheds, the female equivalent, have had a meteoric rise in popularity. We highly recommend checking some of them out. The layouts, designs, and ingenious solutions to common problems is something we incorporate into our own projects.

How do we survive?

This site is 100% free to view. All our ideas, guides, and showcases are designed to be accessible by anyone with internet.

Rather than passing on the cost to you by putting up a paywall which requires a subscription to get past, we include affiliate links to products we test & recommend. When you click on one and make a purchase, we receive a small commission without you having to pay a penny extra. More info here

This helps us tremendously by covering server costs which continue to increase as more people join the movement.

Want to contribute?

We are firm believers that all of us have something to share. And since most dens are hidden from the public, there are potentially millions of them around the world.

If that is you, we’d be thrilled to show your creation to our community and hear about your trials and tribulations! Discovered a hack while building a desk? We want to hear about it. Have an empty space and don’t know where to start? Show us some pictures and we’ll do our best to help.

Share your story here.

Where to from here?