4 Reasons to Build Your Own Space

Hammer, axe, and gloves on a wooden table

We have done a lot of sharing in the past. Sharing a room with a sibling as kids. Sharing a gaming controller as teens. Sharing a cheap flat as young adults.

Here are 4 reasons why we are adamant now is the time to be selfish and have a space to call your own.

1. Personalization

Each one of...

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8 Hobbies You Can Do From Your Den

Woodworking tools, a laptop, and beer bottles

Football, tennis, hiking, drone flying, vegetable growing - just some of the hobbies which are outside-oriented. With top x hobby list after top x hobby list being dominated by activities done outside, we thought to do the opposite - showing you 8 hobbies you can do from the comfort of your man...

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An Introduction to Makerspaces

Makerspace introduction banner

Makerspace, hackerspace; whatever term you want to use, they are a surprisingly underused service. A place to test wild inventions, upskill in your hobby, meet people, undertake a project, and learn for the best.

Why are they not popular among us man-cavers? To be fair, I don’t know. It may be b...

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The 20 Minute Cave Clean Routine

Broom head on wood floor

If your spring clean takes up the whole weekend, you are doing something wrong. Cleaning is much easier when split into small, recurring sessions instead of a single one so massive it’s branded as an annual event.

So why do we continuously let things accumulate? Is it because we don’t know where...

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7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Room Warm

Man with hands up to lit fireplace

The temperature is dropping. Your duvet cover is helping less and less. Bad news: It is only going to get worse from here so now is the time to draw your battle plan and suit up to fight the cold. Here are some simple tips to do just that!

1. Take advantage of the sun

The energy source so great...

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Good News for Solar Roofs

View of roofs in a city

Elon Musk’s Tesla has finished installing their first solar roofs, sparking excitement among homeowners around the world who are eager to follow suit.

“Wait, isn’t Tesla an automobile company?” Yes, but the technology flows seamlessly from car to home and a lot of the heavy lifting comes from Sol...

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5 Ways to Rid Your House of Rodents

Mouse trap with spring back

Rodents - those menacing creatures that, alongside their day-to-day activities, invade homes in search of food, water, shelter, and partners to procreate with. Yes, some can be converted into pets, but the other 99.9% have no place in your home.

If you have recently sniffed that unmistakable gas (...

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3 Man Cave TV Shows Worth Watching

Old TV against wall

When we finally get a personal sanctuary, it’s tempting to keep it all to ourselves. Though many share them with the world via the internet, there are thousands which remain practically invisible.

Luckily for us man cave enthusiasts, a few tv shows have popped up to not only see the best of the be...

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