DATW #002 - Secret Room, Wiz Khalifa, Bunker

From mystery novels to superheroes to rappers, this edition of Dens Around the World is a mixed bag.

1. Secret Room

Secret bookcase with single angled book
Image courtesy of Imgur.

In true Scooby-Doo fashion, the entrance to this man cave is through an inconspicuous bookcase. Pull on volume 17 of The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories—...

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6 Common Questions About Coffee Answered

Filled coffee mug on wooden table

Looking down at your morning coffee, both hands clutching the mug, a question pops into your mind that never occurred to you before: "where do beans even come from?" or "did I brew this wrong?"

Whether that is out of genuine curiosity or the surge of caffeine running through your bloodstream, w...

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8 Hobbies You Can Do From Your Den

Woodworking tools, a laptop, and beer bottles

Football, tennis, hiking, drone flying, vegetable growing - just some of the hobbies which are outside-oriented. With top x hobby list after top x hobby list being dominated by activities done outside, we thought to do the opposite - showing you 8 hobbies you can do from the comfort of your man...

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The 20 Minute Cave Clean Routine

Broom head on wood floor

If your spring clean takes up the whole weekend, you are doing something wrong. Cleaning is much easier when split into small, recurring sessions instead of a single one so massive it’s branded as an annual event.

So why do we continuously let things accumulate? Is it because we don’t know where t...

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3 Man Cave TV Shows Worth Watching

Old TV against wall

When we finally get a personal sanctuary, it’s tempting to keep it all to ourselves. Though many share them with the world via the internet, there are thousands which remain practically invisible.

Luckily for us man cave enthusiasts, a few tv shows have popped up to not only see the best of the be...

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To Throw Or Not To Throw Away?

Cluttered office desk with computer screen

If the show Hoarders has taught me anything it is how bad choices, small as they may seem, snowball out of control.

Each time I see the cleaners put on masks and climb over mounds of old furniture and magazines I think about my man cave.

No, it is not remotely close to needing a clean-up crew,...

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How They Build Snooker Tables

Empty snooker table with green cloth and wooden sides

Those of you who watch the annual World Snooker Championship know how exciting hitting a ball with a wooden cue can be. The skill, the drama, the underdogs, the eerie silence as the winning shot is lined up.

With so much to take in it is easy to forget how much effort goes into bringing an event l...

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