Get Yourself An Indoor Plant

decor Top view of houseplants in pots on wooden table

Houseplants are possibly the greatest home decor items out there.

Not only do they look good and bring some organic life to a man cave, but they freshen the air, provide more color and vibrancy, and reduce background noise.

So, drive down to your local plant store and pick yourself up some gre...

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Become A Competitive Foosball Player

foosball Foosball table in living room

As great as it would be to become a professional soccer/football player, all the stars have to align to even get a chance to play at the top level.

That means starting early in life, having the right connections, winning the genetic lottery, being ultra-disciplined, and a pool of luck to tap int...

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6 Common Questions About Coffee Answered

coffee Filled coffee mug on wooden table

Looking down at your morning coffee, both hands clutching the mug, a question pops into your mind that never occurred to you before: "where do beans even come from?" or "did I brew this wrong?"

Whether that is out of genuine curiosity or the surge of caffeine running through your bloodstream, w...

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Doug Gottlieb’s Cave Up For Sale

Former pro basketball player and long-time anchor for CBS Sports, ESPN, and now Fox Sports, Doug Gottlieb has put up his man cave for sale. Though the Westport, Connecticut house looks quaint and plain from the outside, the inside is a completely different story.

The price is starting at $1,940,00...

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Dens Around The World #001


This is the first post in a series called Dens Around The World where we share man caves of all shapes and sizes. 99% (an educated guess) will never reach the public eye, so we’re determined to cover the remaining percent.

The ingenuity of you guys out there is staggering. And if each post spark...

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8 Hobbies You Can Do From Your Den

hobbies Woodworking tools, a laptop, and beer bottles

Football, tennis, hiking, drone flying, vegetable growing - just some of the hobbies which are outside-oriented. With top x hobby list after top x hobby list being dominated by activities done outside, we thought to do the opposite - showing you 8 hobbies you can do from the comfort of your man...

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The 20 Minute Cave Clean Routine

Broom head on wood floor

If your spring clean takes up the whole weekend, you are doing something wrong. Cleaning is much easier when split into small, recurring sessions instead of a single one so massive it’s branded as an annual event.

So why do we continuously let things accumulate? Is it because we don’t know where t...

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