Rustic Man Cave Ideas

Rusticism is a key part of American culture and one that is desperately needed in this age of unnecessary, over-the-top décor which evokes little emotion. Its tenets of repurposing, ingenuity, and practicality, along with its rich history, are just a few reasons why it’s prevalent in our community.

In fact, it is in the middle of a resurgence – in turn, giving you a huge range of products to choose from and a wealth of resources to trawl through.

A rustic man cave is perfect for those who have:

  1. A wood shack/cabin/garage/shed ready to work on
  2. A childhood connection with the style
  3. A preference for the imperfect, the rough and the rugged
  4. Access to old/recycled furniture and materials

Sound like you? Scroll down to have your den ideas become reality.

Rustic Furniture

You could have the perfect room and all the vintage accessories needed to pull this style off but, take it from us, that doesn’t mean anything if you have furniture that doesn’t match.

Wooden Cocktail Table

Wooden table with magazines on the bottom section
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Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions (LWH) 48” x 18” x 24”

Cocktail table, coffee table; call it what you like. This table has a slab of timber on top while also featuring a lower shelf which provides a bit of storage space.

But rather than sanded, flush surfaces, what you get is an uneven finish with bent nails throughout - exactly what you want for a rustic theme.

The metal frame and wood require some assembly but the good folks at Emerald Home include everything needed (including 12 bolts and a wrench so you don’t have to rummage through your garage struggling to find your own).

Note: They make two other tables using the same material. An end table that is fit for small spaces and a console table with shelves and cabinets.

Sierra Rectangular Console Table

Console table with three wood platforms
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Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions (LWH) 18” x 52” x 31.75”

Modern items in a rustic room are sometimes a risk worth taking. A key example being the TV. Unless you want to hunt down an artisan TV maker who builds the frame from wood or pick up a 1950s box which weighs the same as your car, your best option is to get a nice console table. This one from Riverside Furniture is a sturdy, three-level table which fits the bill. Features include:

Espresso Brown Tufted Armchair

Brown armchair with triangle grid tufts
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Weight 63 lbs
Dimensions (LWH) 33” x 32” x 40”

We created a list of our favorite man cave chairs but this is extra suited to the theme.

Wood and metal aren’t the only materials to look for, dark tone fabrics are too. Firstly, the time you’re going to spend in your room requires a comfortable place to rest; and secondly, the different textures injects life and style into your space.

The one hundred percent polyester upholstery is tufted on the back and straight everywhere else. The frame and legs are made from solid kiln-dried wood which provides the strength necessary to hold up the heavy, with customers up to 300 lbs have reported hearing no signs of creeks, let alone structural damage.

Despite what the image suggests, the seat is quite wide and your arms can rest naturally. This is a great and affordable chair to buy (either as a single or a pair).

MCI Tip: Put the screws in without tightening them at first. Once they’re all in and you’re happy with the shape, tighten away. We advise using an Allen Wrench Screwdriver instead of the one they give you.

Rustic Décor

The décor can be anything that is special to you. Have some historical embellishments? Great. No rustic man sanctuary is the same with personalized décor.

Rustic Tin Letters

Three tin signs leading on wall
See Current Price Get some custom tin letters to put on your wall. These fit the rustic theme to a T and allows for a bit of personalization.

The folks over at Custom Cut Decor source recycled corrugated iron, the common roofing material, and cut it by hand.

There may be patches of rust, bent nails, and jagged edges, and that's exactly what makes it stand out from the mass manufactured alternatives on the market.

Sizes range from 6 inches all the way to 36; letters are in uppercase only; different types of hangers are available, and even the level of rust is negotiable.

Full-size guide (H x W):

6” x 4” 8” x 6" 10” x 8” 12” x 10” 16” x 12”
20” x 15” 24” x 16” 30” x 22” 36” x 24”

Metal Clock

Wall clock with roman numerals
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Dimensions (LH) 28” x 28”

With time being so accessible, wall clocks are becoming less common by the year. But people forget just how much character is added to a room.

This roman numeral clock from Infinity Instruments is made from fused steel. The base and hands are washed black and the numerals have a copper look.

An overall great watch to hang in that empty space you have. And one which won’t break the bank (you’d be shocked at the prices they get up to).

Miller Brewing Tin Sign

Miller beer sign made from tin
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Dimensions (LH) 16” x 12”

Vintage beer tin signs - the ultimate rustic man cave décor.

As a bit of background: Miller Brewing Company was started by Frederick Miller in 1855. Milwaukee, the location of his first brewery, had an abundance of local produce/materials which helped its growth through the rest of America.

After being amazed at the quality, we bought a few dozen and started handing them out to fellow cave dwellers. Even on close inspection, some swear they are genuine.

Budweiser Tin Sign

Red budweiser sign made from tin
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Dimensions (LH) 8.5” x 16”

Another booze sign? Yes! After all, what’s the point in having only one when you can start a collection? The Budweiser; the Coors; the Jack Daniel’s; the list goes on.


Look around your house for cool accessories to use. Got a pocket watch that’s been passed down to you? Put it somewhere safe where you can still enjoy it. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Ambassador Handmade 21” Chess Board

Chess board with pieces set up
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Dimensions (LWH) 21.65” x 21.65” x 1.18”

The rustic theme often means sacrificing technology. So what did people play before the Xbox and Playstation? Chess! Even if you don’t play it now, it’s easy to get started and becomes incredibly addictive.

This handmade board is made from birch & beech wood; with the pieces crafted from American plane (a wood similar to maple but which ranges from tan to dark reddish brown).

Inside the box, you'll find indented slots padded with felt which keep each piece safe. Perfect when you're hosting a party and don't want to lose a Knight.

This feels like it has been passed on from the last generation.

3 in 1 Vinyl Record Player

Front view of vintage record player
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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions (LWH) 15” x 12” x 21”

Old school sound with a modern twist. Electrohome’s Winston Player combines a belt-driven turntable (plays 7”, 10”, and 12” vinyl), CD player, radio, and AUX input for your smartphone, laptop or mp3 player. Unless you have crates of vinyl at your disposal, those extra features are essential to satisfy everyone’s musical itch.

The genuine wood housing gives it a rustic feel similar to the turntables our parents had. In front is a rotary dial for tuning stations and changing songs.

Modern turntables are great in a lot of ways, but there’s something about an old bulky machine like this that grabs people’s attention and commands respect.

Rustic-style dens are much easier to pull off when your room has wooden walls, thick pillars either side and are weathered, but don’t let that discourage you; filling any room up with the right furniture and items can work.

It’s hard work, but well worth the nostalgia and years of joy you’ll get.