Candles For Men

Candle on wooden table with deer antlers

Scented candles are the last thing guys would consider buying for their man cave. After all, why would we willingly contaminate our rooms with the aroma of blueberries, lavender, or ‘bubblegum blast’? Who in their right mind would want to watch the game with the smell of rose & jasmine wafting through the air?

Knowing this, candle makers have started creating ones that appeal to a man’s world of smells.

No longer are candles just for show, creating a "zen" atmosphere while your partner does yoga, or being so overwhelmed by the smell of peach that you never want to eat one again.

Here are a few of our favorite mandles.

Old Time Barber Shop Candle Set

Three candles with company logo
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Size 12 oz (4 oz each)

The Old Time Barber Shop Candle Set contains three 4 oz jars, each with a different aroma found in every old school barber shop across the country:

  1. Shaving cream
  2. Aftershave
  3. Talc powder

Made in America using soy-based wax, cotton wicks, and fragrance oil infusion, each candle is made the traditional way of being mixed and poured into a mold by hand.

These are designed to be gifted. As such, they come in an awesome rustic box, each candle separated by a cardboard divider.

Vintage, novelty scents are hit or miss, however, in this case, these manly fragrance mixes are nearly identical to the real scents without being overbearing. The shaving cream smells like plain shaving cream out of the jar. The aftershave smells like high-quality aftershave with a hint of cinnamon. The talc smells like, well, talcum powder.

Leather & Tibetan Oud

Black candle with gold lettering
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Size 9 oz

Lulu Candle Co. has launched a collection of paraben-free soy wax candles for men which include this unique fragrance blend of worn leather and oud.

So, what is "oud"?

It is the result of tropical Agar trees being infected with a certain type of mold that reacts to the bark, producing a resin (called oud). The smell is described as a mix of light musk, wood, and a subtle sweetness.

Combined with the leather, this resembles a quality cologne without being overpowering.

Tobacco Vanilla Scented Candle

Scented candle next to box
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Size 11 oz

The sense of smell has a strong psychological connection with memory. If your parents or grandparents smoked around you as a child, freshly burned tobacco can invoke pleasant memories and feelings.

If that resonates with you, this Tobacco Vanilla Scented Candle is something you can enjoy for hours on end without ruining your health.

Way Out West Native Pine

Front view of jar
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Size 17 oz

There are over 100 species of pine trees around the world. The one used in Way Out West’s Native Pine candle is based off the pinyon pine tree which is commonly found in the southwest USA and features the unmistakable pine scent along with fresh, fruity overtones.

The hand-poured soot-free paraffin & soy wax blend, dual cotton wicks, and huge 17 oz size make it burn evenly while lasting close to 100 hours.

Tip: Trim the wick before burning otherwise you will get a waft of dark smoke and a burnt smell in your man cave. As a rule of thumb, trim it to one-eighth of an inch for every four hours of burn time.

Native pine is just one of nine scents Way Out West sells. Others include sweet orange, lemongrass, vanilla, mint, and more.

Warm Woods Trilogy Candle

Three-layered mandle
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Size 10 oz

If one scent isn’t enough, this trilogy candle should do the trick. Here, three blends of oil-infused wax are laid on top of each other to change the aroma as it melts.

All three capture the smell and sound of a lit fireplace, but as you go down, it gets darker and richer, almost like a dry piece of wood turning to charcoal. The wick even makes a crackling noise.

It has a hefty price tag for a 10 oz candle, but is a nice change from standard single-scented ones and will make for an awesome gift.

Whiskey Wax Candle

White candle with wick
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Size 12 oz

With all the flowery/feminine candles flooding the market, it is refreshing to have one on the opposite side of the spectrum - a bourbon whiskey candle made from 100% soy wax.

Spicy and slightly nutty, the smell captures a high-quality whiskey without being overpowering like some of the alternatives.

The makers, Wax & Wick, also sell a range of different scents, including pine, cedar, forest, cider, mahogany, and even espresso.