Smart Walls Are Here

Concrete wall painted half gray half white

Being able to interact with your wall has been a thing of fiction up until now. Researches at Carnegie Mellon University, working under the name Future Interfaces Group and in collaboration with Disney Research, are developing a smart wall called Wall++ that provides touchscreen-quality interaction.

Before you knock down your lounge wall with a sledgehammer, know that this only requires a thin sensor board covered in a few layers of paint which, when touched, sends an electric signal to a computer, phone or smart device.

It is estimated to cost roughly $20 per square meter with current prices of raw materials. However, you should expect to see a hefty markup when/if it is commercially available.

Only time will tell if this is a viable option for smart home enthusiasts or if VR technology can do all that and more. Yes, you may have to wear a headset around the house, but just wait until they develop VR contact lenses!

Other interesting projects in the works include:

  • LumiWatch - a watch roughly the size of a Samsung Gear which projects an image up your arm that can be manipulated through touch
  • Pulp Nonfiction - a sensor which sits under standard A4 paper and sends your writings/drawings to the computer. Unlike drawing tablets, this allows you to keep both a physical and digital version of your work